Superior Claims Management Is Core To Everything We Do.
Applied Underwriters is dedicated to closing claims quickly, fairly and effectively.
  • For Injured Workers
    We provide excellent medical care through our approved medical providers and help injured workers get back to work as quickly as possible. We work hard to pay benefits accurately and on time. Our claims adjusters also take the time to answer all questions and concerns.
  • For Employers
    We close claims much faster than the industry average. The fact is, claims that close quickly cost a lot less, which means decreased premium costs and less chance of litigation.
  • Our Claims Adjusters
    Our recruiting process is highly selective and we only hire exceptional individuals. Everyone who joins our claims management team gets intensive, ongoing training throughout their careers here. By providing in-house, customized training programs, we help our employees stay up-to-date in workers' compensation law, medicine and technology.
  • All States, Most All Classes Served
    We underwrite throughout the United States and serve a wide variety of business classes. To request a complete list of business classes served by state, email us.