Our Goal: To Offer The Best Physicians To Injured Workers.
  • We Do Our Homework
    Before adding a medical provider to our network, we evaluate them thoroughly. In fact, our Preferred Medical Network Providers must pass a series of rigorous evaluations and site visits before they are approved to provide medical treatment to any of our customers. We also do background checks and treatment philosophy reviews. Once chosen, our directly contracted physicians must complete a thorough credentialing process.
  • Having Relevant Medical Experience Matters
    We require our primary treating physicians to have extensive medical and administrative experience in treating workers' compensation injuries and illnesses. This ensures injuries are treated properly and paperwork is completed thoroughly and on a timely basis. Our directly contracted primary physicians have extensive occupational medical experience and most are board certified in Occupational Medicine or Family Medicine.
  • We Help Our Providers
    Applied Underwriters provides ongoing programs for our medical providers, including:
    • Quarterly newsletters
    • Web-based return-to-work strategy programs
    • Access to our in-house clinicians, including physicians, pharmacists, nurses and physical therapists