Lower Caseloads Equals Better Service.
We assign our adjusters the lowest indemnity caseloads in the industry. This allows us to review claims more thoroughly and manage them more effectively. Our adjusters close claims quickly, resulting in less cost to employers and a much lower chance a claim requires litigation.
  • Adjusters Who Answer Their Phone
    When you work with us, navigating phone trees is a thing of the past. Our clients actually enjoy working with our Claims Department. Our adjusters answer their phones. They also take the time to answer clients' questions.
  • Specialized Adjusters, Specialized Training
    Our adjusters go through a rigorous yearlong training program when they first join our company. They then continue to receive ongoing training throughout their careers to ensure they maintain current expertise in market segments, local laws and industry regulations. It's a good investment.
  • No Outsourcing
    Our operations are housed in a single location. We don't outsource, which means all of our services are performed to the standard we demand. In-house claims management also equals less pass-through costs to our customers.