Applied Underwriters is different from other workers' compensation insurance providers in many ways. One of the biggest points of difference is the range of products and services we offer. They include:
  • SolutionOne®
    SolutionOne seamlessly delivers workers' compensation insurance, payroll processing, risk reduction programs and employer extended coverages.
  • EquityComp®
    Designed for companies with premiums in excess of $250,000 that seek flexible risk financing, EquityComp delivers like no other solution out there.
  • JumboGC®
    Designed for companies with annual payroll in excess of $2,000,000 that desire the certainty of a guaranteed cost program. JumboGC is a convenient and competitively priced way to fix insurance cost for a twelve month period.
  • Claims Management
    For the past 5 accident years, our claims closure rate has been 2.5 times faster than the industry average. This is because we assign our adjusters low caseload numbers, allowing them to manage claims accurately and close them quickly.
  • Promesa Health®
    Promesa Health has many benefits not usually offered under regular workers' compensation insurance including pharmacy services and return-to-work programs.
  • Loss Control
    Our Loss Control Department is designed to help businesses identify — and eliminate — potentially harmful conditions that could otherwise result in significant losses.

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