Reducing Risks At Every Turn.
We understand the risks that businesses face. That's why we offer risk reduction services to help reduce risk from every angle.
  • Employment Applications
    We stay on top of the constantly changing employment laws and regulations and always provide the most up-to-date employment applications.
  • Employment Protection Programs
    Our full scope of programs helps deter workplace problems.
  • New Hire Background Checks
    Knowing who you are hiring helps avoid issues before they arise.
  • Drug Testing
    We send you easy-to-use kits that provide immediate test results. Testing not only identifies employees who may pose a potential risk in worksite safety, but serves as a deterrent in keeping drugs out of the workplace.
  • Safety Training Meetings
    Our comprehensive library of safety training materials is easy to use, specific to your line of business and always ensures the latest OSHA compliance.
  • On-Call Loss Control
    Our Loss Control Specialists are highly trained, informed professionals who can answer questions and recommend safety programs or a course of action for workplace safety and HR-related issues.